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Pre-Made Paleo and CrossFit Hoboken to Provide Meals for Local Residents Devastated by Hurricane Sandy

November 02, 2012

Pre-Made Paleo Partners with CrossFit Hoboken (NJ) to Provide Meals to Local Residents in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

Chef Richard was watching the evening news with his family and became overwhelmed at the devastation that was left behind Hurricane Sandy.  As the owner of a gourmet food delivery service he quickly realized that he had the opportunity to help his fellow Americans in need.

Pre-Made Paleo reached out to the CrossFit community in the area via Twitter and Facebook and found Craig Parcells, owner of CrossFit Hoboken. His gym was under 3-4' of water and most of his community was without power.  Craig and Chef Richard planned that they could provide meals to the people in his community and use his Crossfit Gym as the perfect location to heat and serve meals for people in the community.  Craig began to talk with his gym members about the plan and they all started to volunteer to participate.

On Monday November 5th, Chef Richard will drive 1100 meals and the necessary equipment to heat and serve them.  Our Pre-Made Paleo team will also ship up additional meals throughout the week once UPS service begins to service the area again.  Our goal is to serve over 5,000 meals in the next week to the residents of Hoboken, NJ in partnership with the caring members of CrossFit Hoboken. 

If you would like to Purchase Meals towards this effort, you can do so for $10 and we will provide a warm and healthy meal that includes a 5 oz grass-fed, organic protein plus two 3.5 oz vegetable side dishes.  The $10 includes the meal, shipping, preparation and serving it to local residents. 

"In the midst of a horrible situation, I am excited that my CrossFit Community continues to think about others and has an approach of serving our community.  This is part of the reason that I believe in all the people that make up the Crossfit family" Craig Parcells said about this coordinated effort to serve his local community.

If you would like to join us in our efforts we invite you to Purchase Meals or to contact us and talk about ways that you would like to join us in this effort. 

Thank You!

Chef Richard and the Pre-Made Paleo team.