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Meet our friends at Carrell Farms - Grass-fed Water Buffalo and More!

May 08, 2017

Meet our friends at Carrell Farms - Grass-fed Water Buffalo and More!

Our newest favorite farm is Carrell Farms of Monroe, Georgia. Owned and operated by David and Shalley Carrell, this couple defines "salt of the earth", and we are most fortunate to call them friends. They supply a delicious line of raw exotic meats found here at Pre-Made Paleo, including the Asiatic Water Buffalo that thrive in their pastures here at Carrell Farms. They continue to sustain robust herds, preserving and carrying-on the ancient tradition and culture of the Hmong, further proving that ethnicity goes beyond geographical borders.

They provide us all with wonderful proteins including Pastured Grass-fed/finished Water Buffalo, Alpaca and Lamb. They also produce a high-quality line of all natural 'Buffalo Gal' skin care products. We'd love to hear from you if you have more interest in these as well. 

Carrell Farms is dedicated to providing family and friends with honest, nutrient dense food. "We are not afraid to venture outside of the commodity structure of agriculture to produce a product free of antibiotics, drugs, or GMO’s. Our unique meats are raised right; living a specie appropriate lifestyle, eating a specie appropriate diet, and harvested humanely."

You are on the guest list to enjoy these wonderful exotics found available on our website here: https://premadepaleo.com/collections/featured-products

We spend time visiting all the farms and farmers that provide us with the highest quality ingredients you have come to enjoy from Pre-Made Paleo. 

Several images from our most recent visits by Chef Richard have been brought to you here so you may visit with us :)