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Whole30® Program Meal Plans Information

Pre-Made Paleo will deliver Whole30® approved breakfast, lunch and dinner plus trail mix snacks for: 5, 10, 15*, 20, or all 30 days of your Whole30® Nutrition Challenge. All meals arrive in a single shipment. Your Chefs will select menus to be shipped. 

We do not tell you which meals you have to eat on any given day. The power of choice is all yours! We will provide 'suggested pairings' for main entrées, however you may still interchange individual proteins and vegetables as you wish.

Vegetable only plans are available upon request and may be customized to suit your needs.

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Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns at 678-995-5772 or email us: Hello@TrueFare.com

    Below are examples of main entrée items and pairings including sample menus: many other sample menus may be found here

Hunry yet? Our Whole30® Approved meals are perfect for those busy, tired or on-the-go times and especially for a great kick-start to your new lifestyle. Set yourself up for a successful Whole30® nutrition challenge and order today!

Meals are frozen from fresh by your chefs and will arrive to you frozen. Meals may be kept frozen for up to 12 months. Once meals are brought down to and left at refrigeration temperature (recommended reheating temperature), meals may be kept for up to 10 days. We have made it very easy to look at your meals in five day blocks for your conveneince. As you will note incentive pricing for purchasing 30 days versus 10 days, any balance meals may be kept frozen while utilizing 5 to 7 days of meals at refrigeration temperature at a time.
*Complete meals such as soups, stews or chilis will be a compose meal and the protein and vegetables will already be together in the same package.
 **When a chicken breast upgrade is chosen, any organic chicken thigh entrée (standard) will be replaced with organic chicken breast meat. Often times the recipes will differ from listed menu pairings received. Upgrades apply to entrées only and are not applied to breakfast Melissa's Chicken Hash.


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