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AIP- Whole30® Plan informational page

Pre-Made Paleo will deliver A.I.P. Whole30® Approved meals in accordance to a strict Auto-immune protocol that eliminates nuts, nightshades, seeds and seed-based spices. Always W30® approved!

When selecting any bundled meal plans for "all meals of the day", you may opt for our Regular 5 oz. or Warrior 8 oz. main meal protein options to help meet your own base nutritional requirements. These plans contains No snacks for added nutrition.

While this strict Auto-immune protocol is quite limiting in compliant ingredients, calories may easily be added at home to reach daily requirements as needed. Additional calories may be found adding additional healthy cooking fats such as olive oil (approx. 120 cal/oz.) or coconut oil (approx. 117 cal/oz.). An avocado could add 235 calories to any meal. Adding a green salad with any of these above may also help in achieving daily caloric goals. Please always seek the direction of a qualified nutritionist prior to any change in diet.

Breakfasts will be a mixture of AIP Melissa's Chicken Hash, Turkey and Pork AIP Sausage Skillets. Sample Menus of your entrées for lunch or dinner may be as follows:

Menu P
Menu C
Menu Q

Menu Z

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