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Galactic Hog Skins

THEY ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD! U.S. Wellness Meats heritage pork skins fried to perfection in heritage raised pork fat.  Zero Carbs. Available in three flavors : SALT& PEPPER,  BBQ SPICE and SALT only (2oz. bags).  Available individually, in a 3 Pack Sampler or Buy 10 and Save any flavor! See all variants in 'Title' drop-down

  • Salt & Pepper INGREDIENTS: fried pork skins, pork fat, salt, black pepper 
  • BBQ Spice INGREDIENTS: fried pork skins, pork fat, salt, spices (including smoked paprika, garlic powder, mustard, onion powder, oregano, black pepper, turmeric, cayenne pepper) 
  • Salt Only INGREDIENTS: fried pork skins, pork fat, salt

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