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From the Sea - AIP Friendly!

We are excited to now be offering these superior fillets of wild-caught fish and other seafoods formatted in an all inclusive 10 Meal Menu. All proteins will have an assortment of AIP seasonings and may include any combination of AIP Chimichurri Sauce, AIP Citrus, AIP Kale Pesto or AIP Yellow Curry. These are fully interchangeable for any dish!

Fish proteins are 5 oz. each and are not pre-cooked. Each entrée is accompanied by a fully prepared/cooked AIP - friendly 6 oz. Organic Vegetable side dish. We will provide step-by-step cooking instructions on how to prepare your fish to perfection!  

10 Meals includes these 10 unique Wild Caught Fish entrées:

  • Salmon served with Organic Vegetables
  • Shrimp served with Organic Vegetables
  • Red Snapper with Organic Vegetables
  • Ahi-Tuna with Organic Vegetables
  • Mahi-Mahi with Organic Vegetables
  • Swordfish (4 oz.)with Organic Vegetables
  • Alaskan Halibut with Organic Vegetables
  • Scallops with Organic Vegetables
  • Cod with Organic Vegetables
  • Flounder with Organic Vegetables
  • This Wild-caught fish Sourcing and Blog post is an excellent source guide. 

EMAIL us or call us at 678-995-5772  with any questions or concerns, anytime! 

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