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AIP - 20-Day Meal Plan

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Make AIP cooking simple and delicious with 20 days of AIP meals, delivered. 

True Fare will deliver all 20 days of AIP meals to include:

  • 20 AIP Breakfasts
  • 20 AIP Lunches
  • 20 AIP Dinner

A few more details about our portion sizes and options to customize:

  • Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. (Regular) or 8 oz. (Warrior) portions and all entrées are paired with a 6 oz. organic vegetable side.
  • All Breakfast meals will be 5-6 oz. each and will be a combination of AIP versions of Melissa's Chicken Hash, Turkey Sausage and Pork Sausage Skillets.
  • All standard plans use Organic skinless/boneless thigh meat Chicken, Grass-fed/finished Beef, Heritage raised Pork and Free-range Turkey and Organic Vegetables, all cooked to perfection by your chefs.
  • Meals do not include any seafood.
  • If you select our "No Pork" options we will replace Pork entrées with Chicken.
  • Upgrade to "Chicken Breast" to replace all Lunch and Dinner Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thigh with Chicken Breast. (Does not include Breakfast)

These meals are compliant with the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), meaning they do not contain nightshades, nuts, seeds, seed-based spices or eggs. 

These meals, like all the meals on TrueFare.com, are also Whole30® Approved!

One should always seek the counsel of a qualified nutritionist or other medical professional prior to any drastic changes in your diet. Please see the link below for important nutritional information.

Important AIP nutritional information and sample menus may be found here.

Comprehensive Whole30 approved® plan information

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