AIP - 10-Day Meal Plan

Set yourself up for AIP success with 10 days of True Fare's delicious, pre-made meals! 

This package of 30 meals includes: 

  • 10 AIP Breakfasts 
  • 10 AIP Lunches
  • 10 AIP Dinners

    A few more details about our portion sizes and options to customize:

    • Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. (Regular) or 8 oz. (Warrior) portions and all entrées are paired with a 6 oz. organic vegetable side.
    • All Breakfast meals will be 5-6 oz. each and will be a combination of AIP versions of Melissa's Chicken Hash, Turkey Sausage and Pork Sausage Skillets.
    • All standard plans use Organic skinless/boneless thigh meat Chicken, Grass-fed/finished Beef, Heritage raised Pork and Free-range Turkey and Organic Vegetables, all cooked to perfection by your chefs.
    • Meals do not include any seafood.
    • If you select our "No Pork" options we will replace Pork entrées with Chicken.
    • Upgrade to "Chicken Breast" to replace all Lunch and Dinner Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thigh with Chicken Breast. (Does not include Breakfast)
    • NO Subsitutions (Click here for details)
    These meals are compliant with the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and contain no nightshades, nuts, seeds, seed-based spices or eggs. Like all our True Fare meals, they are also Whole30 Approved®.

    One should always seek the counsel of a qualified nutritionist or other medical professional prior to any drastic changes in your diet.

    Important AIP nutritional information and sample menus may be found here.

    Comprehensive Whole30 approved® plan information


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