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5 Day Low Carb/Keto-friendly Plan

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The perfect plan to supplement your Keto-friendly lifestyle! We'll deliver 5 days of Low-carb/ Keto-friendly and Whole30® Approved meals to include:

  • 5 Breakfasts
  • 5 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners
  • 5 Almond Butter Snack Pouches

A few more details about this plan:

  • May Choose either Menu ENERGY or SPARK (ships 6/25) in this plan's option/title dropdown
  • Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. (Regular) portions and all entrées are paired with a 6 oz. organic vegetable side. 
  • Main entrées are chef-selected and may vary with each 5 Day package. These will come from currently available Keto-friendly menus selected by your chefs. You may select main meals to come from Menu 'Energy' or 'Spark' in options.
  • All Breakfast meals will be 5-6 oz. each and will be a combination of Keto-friendly Breakfast skillets 
  • All standard plans use Organic skinless/boneless thigh meat Chicken, Grass-fed/finished Beef, Heritage raised Pork and Free-range Turkey and Organic Vegetables, all cooked to perfection by your chefs.
  • Meals do not include any seafood.
  • If you select our "No Pork" options we will replace Pork entrées with Chicken.
  • More information about these Keto friendly offerings may be seen here
  • Take a peek at our newly available KETO BUNS!
Need 7 days total? Maybe add some Keto Friendly Individual Meals


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