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40 Meals - Subscription

Our 40 meals subscription plan includes 40 chef-crafted and fully-prepared Whole30® Approved meals! 

Our most popular shipping frequency is 14 days. This option is particularly popular for 2 individuals in the household requiring 5/7 days of lunch and dinner weekly. Customize your order for your specific dietary needs using the drop-down.

Need a different delivery schedule? Custom shipping frequencies are available upon request, too!

A few more details about our portion sizes and options to customize:

  • These chef-crafted and fully prepared Whole30® approved meals are chosen by our chefs from our most recent Lunch & Dinner Menus on a recurring basis.
  • Chef chooses the first 2 shipments and menus which allows for maximum variety of our newest cuisine.
  • Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. (Regular) or 8 oz. (Warrior) portions and all entrées are paired with a 6 oz. organic vegetable side.
  • All standard plans use Organic skinless/boneless thigh meat Chicken, Grass-fed/finished Beef, Heritage raised Pork and Free-range Turkey and Organic Vegetables, all cooked to perfection by your chefs.
  • Meals do not include any seafood.
  • If you select our "No Pork" options we will replace Pork entrées with Chicken.
  • Upgrade to "Chicken Breast" to replace all Lunch and Dinner Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thigh with Chicken Breast.
  • Select "AIP" to receive Autoimmune Protocol-friendly meals.
  • Beef burgers arrive rare, seasoned and seared, for optimal taste.


This plan is ideal for the individual requiring only lunch and dinner options 7 days a week. We will ship 40 chef crafted and full prepared Whole30® approved meals from our most recent Lunch & Dinner Menus on a recurring basis. 40 Meals shipped every 14 days is particularly common for 2 individuals in the household requiring 5/7 days of lunch and dinner weekly. Custom frequencies are available upon request.

Chef chooses the first 2 menus which allows for maximum variety of newest cuisine for your frequency chosen. Each meal is a 5 oz. (Regular) or 8 oz. (Warrior) protein paired with a 6 oz. Organic Vegetable, and may be used for lunch OR dinner. All options and pricing may be seen in Title dropdown.

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