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20 Day Whole30® Program - Subscription Plan

This plan is ideal for 2 individiuals each requiring 5 of 7 days of all nutrition for 2 weeks per shipment. Scheduled to renew every 14 days and will always include the newest menus and extra portions of trail mix snacks!

  • 20 Breakfasts
  • 20 Lunches
  • 20 Dinners
  • 40 servings Trail Mix Snacks
Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. portions (Regular) or 8 oz. portions (Warrior) and all entrées are paired with a 6 oz. organic vegetable side. All Breakfast meals will be 6 oz. each and will be a combination of Melissa's Chicken Hash, Turkey Sausage and Pork Sausage Skillets. Available Chicken Breast upgrades do not apply to Breakfast.
Core entrées are chosen by your chefs and often come from our current 'lettered' Lunch/Dinner menus - These will Not include any fish or seafood*

      Hungry yet? Our Whole30® Approved meals are perfect for those busy, tired or on-the-go times and especially for a great kick-start to your new lifestyle. Set yourself up for a successful Whole30® nutrition challenge and order today!  Sample Menu and Details                                                                               

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