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2 Days of Meals

This 2-Days of Meals pack is designed to get you acquainted with your Whole30® Program Meal Plan and will provide 2 Days of all meals to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. May also be added to any 5 day plan to create a custom 7 day plan as needed.

Main entrées are 5 oz. Regular or 8 oz. Warrior proteins paired with a 6 oz. Organic Vegetable side. Breakfasts are 6 oz. each. Includes 1 pkg of trail mix snacks (2 servings) plus an Almond Nut Butter (3 servings). Proteins used will be centered around chicken (1 each thigh meat and breast meat recipe), beef, and Turkey only (No pork, fish or seafood included).This offer is a great way to try Pre-Made Paleo at just under $35 per day! (AIP option does Not include any Snacks) NO SUBSTITUTIONS






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