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RSB Foods is a Dallas-based company led by New York Times and Amazon bestselling author Chef Richard Bradford.

As you know, here at Pre-Made Paleo, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality food, flavor, and favorable experience to all of our customers. We are excited about the opportunity to share a bit more about who we are and how we can help you be as strong as possible.

We recognize that nutrition is a cornerstone to everyone, which is why we only use the highest caliber ingredients in our recipes to fuel workouts and promote recovery. Specifically, we are committed to using only the best proteins and vegetables. Here is a quick glimpse of some of the ingredients we use:

The Paleo diet’s focus on using whole, natural foods, gluten free ingredients allows the body to maintain balanced hormone levels. The biggest benefit of this, and even more so for athletes, is that the body then uses fats and carbs as the primary energy source – making it the healthiest option for your teams.

In addition to centering our food on these high end ingredients, we strive to continually create flavorful recipes that are truly delicious and provide unique variety. Your chefs create new and exciting menus and recipes every week!

We are passionate about how we make our food, which starts with our ingredients:

 Our Hog Skins are from pasture-raised pigs fried in their lard. Each skin is seasoned by hand in small batches using only clean ingredients that can be pronounced! Great lengths have been taken to make them right way, and you can taste the difference.

In our travels, we have discovered that eating Galactic Hog Skins promotes a calming effect on people. We think this is a step in the direction of world peace, and believe it is our mission to share with all!