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Customer Feedback




I was introduced to Pre-Made Paleo through friends who touted two things: First, the food is delicious.  You won't need to add anything.  Second, the pricing for the quality and service you receive is better than any other company out there.  After six months of being a customer myself, I can only say these were understatements.  The food is insanely good.  You'll find there are meals that traditionally include non-paleo ingredients that you never knew could taste this good.  You'll start craving them.  And the convenience of this makes it incredibly easy to eat well when your time is limited by work or otherwise.  I did my own research and couldn't find any company that gives a better value for my money.  I combined my Pre-Made Paleo meals with a humane exercise plan and am down 30 pounds... vanity pounds from where I've wanted to be for far, far too long.  I'm convinced that anyone who begins their journey towards eating better with Pre-Made Paleo will be grateful they did.
My thanks to the team at Pre-Made Paleo
C.Waugh - 08/17/2015


I've received my 3rd order and cannot be more pleased with the quality and flavor of all the meals. It's like going out to a fine restaurant to eat everyday. I also tried the epic bars. What a great addition of a snack protein. They all taste great!

K. Bradshaw - 06/29/2015


Thank you so much for making this Whole 30 possible!  I have tried so many different times and with my schedule, I struggled making it possible.  Thanks to Premade-Paleo for giving me the help I needed!!!

Rebekah - 02/02/2015



I just received my 2nd shipment of pre-made meals. The first was a test run – I ordered the 2 day supply and was VERY pleased with the taste and quality. My youngest daughter is a first year med student at WVU and has been super busy and stressed as she tries to study AND stay Whole30 compliant. This second order I will split with her in hopes of decreasing her stress level (at least over food). Your efforts are HUGELY appreciated and these meals are going to make extending MY Whole30 a whole lot easier!!! Thanks and keep up the great work!
K.C., RN - 1/25/2015
Charleston W. Va.



You've got a new very happy customer!  And my wife....who doesn't usually eat paleo....loved the meals last night too so, expect another order from me soon!  We both work until 8pm every night, so, having premade healthy paleo meals at the ready should really improve our quality of life... no joke.And compliments to the chef!

Steve - 1/19/2015
I 've been looking for a delivery food service that would help me eat healthy and not deal with microwavable meals only, pre-made paleo was the answer. I had some doubts trying it because I tried a different service similar which was cheaper but I ended with a  bunch a microwavable meals; some of the food I didn't like how they tasted, they were wasted.Pre-made paleo  on the contrary, the meals are very tasty.  The portions are perfect and they really cut a lot of my cooking time if warming up their meals even counts as cooking time. Their meat are also well seasoned.  I am from an island, Haiti, seasoning is HUGE for me.  They nailed the seasoning on the pork, chicken and turkey. If you are busy, you don't have time to cook, you are looking for a very healthy alternative, I highly recommend Pre-made Paleo.The customer service is also great. Joseph was extremely patient in answering all my questions.  The second time we spoke, he remembered when we spoke last, and what the conversation was about.  It means to me that they are actually paying attention to what their customers are saying.I ordered my food and received it exactly when I was told it would arrive.  I've seen some comments about the price being high.  If you are cooking your own meals and want to eat healthy, unless you can buy in bulk online and have a big freezer in your garage or you have time to visit a bunch of farmer's market, doing it on a budget is very challenging. I don't put a price on my health, Pre-Made Paleo is doing a great job and of course with time I see it offering more services and changing for the best.
Webly A. - 1/9/2015 (Yelp rating 5 out of 5 stars)
In a word, WOW!  This is the definition of exceptional customer service.  I sincerely thank you for this customized menu option.  I have always spoken very highly of your product and will continue to do so to others with the addition now of your continued strong customer service.  Your product has been amazing for me.  From the convenience in preparation, and clean up; the good pricing; the quality; the taste; to the healthiness. For a guy who really has no talent in the kitchen, these are a life saver in keeping me from resorting to fast food and take out.
Thank you!  And have the greatest and safest of holidays…


I just wanted to say "Thank You".

We have only been using your service for a few months now, but our lives have been so much easier now. Cooking Paleo is a lot of work, and a ton of ingredients you don't always use. We were just sick of spending so much time picking out recipes online, going to the grocery store, prepping the food, cooking, cleaning, and throwing away the leftovers since the meal wasn't that good after all that work. By the time we finished cooking and cleaning going to the gym was the last thing on our mind. Since we have been using Pre-Made Paleo we are saving almost an hour every evening from cooking, prepping, and cleaning. This 1 hour we save is now spent in the gym instead of worrying about what to eat now. Aside of the convenience which I beat to death above, the quality and taste of your product is wonderful! We love the selections you provide. So many ingredients we do not typically use also! First off, I hate frozen meals. I refuse to buy anything frozen. I am glad I stepped out of my bubble to try you guys out. Your food tastes nothing like 'Frozen Foods'. It's not even in the same category. Your meal parings are spot on, I've never went away from your suggestions since they are perfect. I love that you have a lot of Al-la-Cart items like soup for the winter and meals like Sheppard pie which I would never dream of cooking on my own. You guys have certainly figured out the perfect method for cooking + freezing + shipping. I am surprised on a daily basis how well you guys do your thing. Much better than 95% of the restaurants in Washington DC. Also, nice re-design on the site, looks great! 
Keep it up! You have a customer for a long time.
Steven Parker
Little did we know back in 2007 when catering for this nice couple below that the host wrote the seminal research on the Paleolithic Diet - A lifestyle that has changed the direction of RSB Foods! "Thanks so much Richard for making our party so easy, so delicious, and so much fun for us to host. I especially appreciate your very pleasant staff, the paper products and “to go” boxes you brought. “Little” things like that are evidence of thorough professionalism. We will definitely be calling on you in the future and we may make this an annual event!"
Daphne and Boyd Eaton  
"I just wanted to give you a quick update. People are still as happy as can be about the foods. The gazpacho is an absolute huge hit with my clients.  I myself have been eating 2-3 full meals a day (my fiance is eating 1 or 2) and want to let you know that I've actually knocked off 6 lbs in 6 days. I was eating modified paleo before but your foods made it a lot easier to go fully into it. I was already 10% bodyfat so knocking off another 6 lbs is impressive.  Thanks again,"

"I got hit HARD with acute bronchitis/high fever over the weekend and your Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup was an ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER!!! It was so great to have some Paleo "Sick/Comfort Food" sitting in my freezer and ready to go. No caving in to saltines and Cambell's this time around :) Just wanted to send you a big huge Thank You!"  


"This week’s meals were delicious – have lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks an you’re at least 75% of that. Thank you."
Parke C.


"Easy and delicious, what more do you need!"
Jason C.


"Richard delivers up some of the tastiest healthy meals I could imagine. Every time I sit down to enjoy one of these simple and quick meals, I am delighted. Superb taste, high quality food, reasonably-priced, super convenient - it just doesn't get better than this. Honestly people, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. :-)"
Heidi Z. - CrossFit Gym Owner