Subscription Plans (Terms and Conditions)

For Recurring Subscriptions only>>When you sign up today, we will begin by sending your first meals to on the very next available shipping day (times in transit vary by state.) Then, depending on the product and frequency you have chosen, we will auto-renew your order for shipment on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis as selected. 

Subscriptions Plans are for your convenience and there is no added fee for this subscription service. Subscriptions must be cancelled 7 days prior to your next scheduled renewal date via telephone or email communication to TrueFare. Without stated cancellation notice, you do authorize us to charge the payment credit card used for your subscription on the scheduled renewal cycle date(s). This same authorization applies when a request to change or upgrade/downgrade plan has been requested.

Every subscription must have at least one renewal. In some instances our prices have been reduced (both meals and applicable shipping rates). If cancellation is received prior to fulfilling 4 orders (with 7 day notification), you may be assessed any balance of the difference to the regular price of meals already sent, up to and including standard shipping rate differences when applicable. Please note that your selected plan/bundle ships that amount of meals every shipment, regardless of frequency selected.

Every week, your chefs have posted the newest menus to allow you to better know in advance what to expect for main entrees the following week by perusing our Lunch/Dinner collection.

Custom plans may be created for your individual needs. We would encourage you to email us at or call us anytime at 678-995-5772 for details.

Thank you again for being a part of the TrueFare Family

Happy and healthy eating!!

*7 days advance notification (depending on your renewal frequency) will typically allow for your last shipment of meals to be sent to you. Due to production schedules created by your chefs, we are not able to cancel orders last minute or without this 7 day advance notice, particularly for custom meal plans created.