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Refund / Return Policy

We at True Fare are proud to use only the finest , highest quality ingredients in preparing our meals. We prepare and package our meals with the highest standards of care and attention to detail.

We strive to build a comprehensive menus that will best suit a wide variety of personal tastes. Though refunds cannot be made on the basis of personal taste, we are happy to offer an accommodation for any meal(s) that arrives damaged or spoiled due to transit.

Any request for a replacement of lost or damaged meal(s) must be made to us within 24 hours of delivery date (even when misdelivered to another address).

Any items missing from order must be communicated to us within 24 hours of delivery. A damaged seal or package does not constitute sufficient reason to request a replacement of all items received- ONLY the affected meal(s). Image(s) of damage to any meals received will be required.

Orders are typically shipped with enough dry ice to keep the food at proper and safe tempeartures for the duration of scheduled transit time. Meals will typically arrive frozen, however, smaller orders of 5 days of meals (15 meals) and less may arrive partially thawed, especially during the Summer months. Meals arriving at or below refrigeration temperature are considered acceptable. 

Any orders claimed to not be received must be communicated to us within 24 hours of scheduled delivery date. You are ultimately responsible for the acquisition of your cuisine when left with your leasing office, concierge, etc.We understand couriers may not always follow delivery instructions to the letter.

Please understand that a request to change delivery may result in extending the time in transit, therefore increasing the likelihood that the food arrives in an unsatisfactory condition.

You may not refuse any delivery and expect to be reimbursed or have meals replaced by True Fare, as perishables are non-returnable. We will not be held responsible for food lost under such circumstances.

While recurring subscription orders must be cancelled 7 days prior to renewal date, already generated orders are not refundable. We will strive to work with you on the best future delivery options. 

Please contact us directly with any concerns at 678-995-5772 or EMAIL US here

Additional information regarding shipping logistics may be found HERE.