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Our Ingredients

Starting with the finest ingredients is key to creating our 100% Whole30® Approved True Fare meals. 

From our Certified Organic vegetables to our carefully-sourced proteins, we seek out and support only the finest farms. Our meals are more than just delicious—they're built better, starting with ingredients. 
Below, you'll find notes on a few of our ingredients and links to explore more. We believe in complete ingredient transparency, so we encourage you to find out where your food comes from!


Grassland Beef's Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Beef

 Heritage Acres Pork


Plainville Farms Free-Range Antibiotic Free Turkey

  Bell & Evans Farms Organic Chicken


Wild-Caught Fish and Seafood from Pacific Seafoods

Our seafood is sourced primarily from the cold waters of Alaska and the cleanest waters of the Pacific Ocean, and many fine sustainable species are caught in the Atlantic and Gulf Waters. 


Grass-Fed and Pastured Water Buffalo, Alpaca and Lamb from Carrell Farms, Inc.


Fresh Organic Vegetables from The Turnip Truck of Georgia

We source some of our freshest organic vegetables and suppliers, such as Red Earth Organic Farm, through The Turnip Truck!



Organic Lacinato Kale (AKA Dinosaur Kale)


Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Organic Easter Egg Radishes


Organic Romanesco


Organic Watermelon Radishes


Authentic New Mexico Hatch Chilis


Organic Pluots


Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli


Organic Vidalia Onions


Organic Crimini Mushrooms


Organic Garnet Sweet Potatoes


Organic Daikon Radishes


Organic Ataulfo Mangos (Champagne Mangos)


Organic Broccoleaf