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New Products

Newest addition to the Pre-Made Paleo line-up:

EXOTIC MEATS including elk, venison and wild boar!

At Pre-Made Paleo, we are fanatics about sourcing the finest ingredients.  Our new Primal Bean Coffee proudly carries that torch.  We are dedicated to blending and roasting the finest quality coffee to compliment your Primal / Paleo Lifestyle. Please enjoy!



Our GALACTIC HOG SKINS are OUT OF THIS WORLD! U.S. Wellness Meats pasture raised pork skins fried to Perfection in pastured pork fat.

"Each snarf-worthy bag of hog skins from Pre-Made Paleo uses pork from U.S. Wellness Meats who actually give a hoot about raising sustainable proteins on good land with ethical practices. That's awesome in so many ways, from the nutrition of the pork to the footprint on the land to the health of the animals. It's all good, and it winds up being a delicious treat for us."

Why Galactic Hog Skins are so good for you

Pork is a meat that has wide appeal here in the states. The meat is mild, rarely tough, and bursting with flavorful fat, especially when you get close to the bacony parts like the belly. But pork has had a tough reputation, with less buzz-worthy nutrients as grass-fed beef, and a whole history of bad ethics and land stewardship when large corporations are the 'farmers'. 

Enter in US Wellness Meats and their standards for meat, and suddenly we can have pork to feel good about again. Here's what they say about their pigs:

"What do they eat? Pigs are foragers, and most of our pigs are outdoors every day (weather permitting) to forage for bugs, sticks, roots, etc. Since pigs have a single stomach, unlike the four chambered stomach of cattle, we cannot raise a healthy animal on grass alone, so their diets are supplemented with corn and soy. This is usually a non-gmo feed ration, however, due to the historic dought of 2012, it has been very difficult (and in some rural areas, almost impossible) for our producers to source and feed a 100% non-gmo ration. We are getting closer to 100% non-gmo, and this post and our website will be updated just as soon as we can claim 100% non-gmo feed once again. Since production is combined, we cannot currently split the gmo and non-gmo fed animals. We hope to have 100% non-gmo fed pork by the end of 2014. We do not feed any antibiotics or growth hormones throughout the life of the animal."