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Fish Heating Instructions

For any product or item to make it on our menu, items must be from the finest sources, simple, and most importantly, delicious! Our wild caught and ready-to-cook fish lives up to this criteria. We source only the finest wild-caught fillets from regions where we can be assured of the cleanest waters and environmentally friendly fishing practices. Our newest additions include Canadian salmon and halibut from the North Pacific and a delectable Mahi Mahi from the South Pacific.
In order to preserve the freshness and flavor of the fish, we do not cook it before shipping it to your doorstep. These are individually portioned proteins along with portioned-out seasoning and/or sauce mixtures, depending on the fish and seasonings selected. Easy cooking directions are provided below. Accompanying Organic Vegetable sides are full cooked and will require gentle reheating only.


CAUTION: In all instances, the product may be hot!!

- Oven Heating -

Thaw all fish/seafood proteins prior to cooking.
For a quick and easy clean up, place a piece of clean foil on a cookie sheet or sheet pan, followed by the fish.
For fish selections with seasoning, use the desired amount of seasoning on the fish prior to placing it in the oven.

For fish selections with glaze, we recommend using about half of the glaze on the fish prior to placing it in the oven. This will leave some glaze to add after if you prefer.

Add or deduct seasoning or glaze according to your preference. Each fish is listed below with the corresponding cook time and temperature to be cooked.

Type of Fish                 Cooking Temperature Cooking               Time

 All Organic Vegetable sides are fully cooked and will simply require gentle reheating to your own palatable temperature or may be enjoyed chilled.