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Your TrueFare chefs understand that life can be busy. Your chefs work hard in the kitchen all week so you do not have to. Maybe you have been enjoying your TrueFare meals for months or years, or maybe you are new to TrueFare and are ready to start enjoying them today. Regardless of your situation, we have created a subscription service for your convenience. ALL Meals are Whole30® approved.

Lunch/Dinner options as well as Whole 30® Program Meal Plans for all meals of the day are available for recurring subscription. Save time and money and get started today!

New Fresh Meals are now available on a recurring subscription basis as well !!

See all details here for terms and conditions of subscription plans.

Custom plans may be created for your individual needs. We would encourage you to email us at info@premadepaleo.com or call us anytime at (678) 995-5772 for details.

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