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Locally Sourced from the Turnip Truck of Georgia

August 27, 2016

Locally Sourced from the Turnip Truck of Georgia

We have a wonderful partnership with The Turnip Truck of Georgia who pulls in the best organic produce from different local farms. Below is some information on some of the great farms we get our produce from.

East Georgia Produce, Bartow, GA

Established in 2009, East GA Produce is a family operated farm growing a wide variety of vegetables, greens, melons, and herbs. Taking an organic approach, we use a practice called "ecoganic farming" to maintain a soil rich in beneficial microbes and organic matter. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on our crops. By growing a variety of crops, and practicing good crop rotation, we try to reduce disease and insect damage and provide a healthy environment while keeping the land productive. We currently have 15 acres under cultivation. Farmers Cari and Coi keep everything running smooth and the produce looking beautiful! 

Riverview Farms, Ranger GA:  

Riverview Farms is nestled on banks of the Coosawattee River north of Ranger, GA. The farm has been the family's stewardship since the 1970s; we started growing certified organic crops in 2000. Today, we operate our entire farm as a closed-loop, single-source entity, one that exceeds organic standards.  Farmers Wes and Charlotte Swancy are long time pioneers of Atlanta's local food scene, supplying many chefs with their heritage hogs and delicious produce