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SealFit excellence with Pre-Made Paleo

December 12, 2013 1 Comment



Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help achieve your goal of conquering SealFit1.  We are not done supporting you or the countless like you who have put everything on the line for our freedom.  Let freedom ring!!!


"Life hadn't challenged me in a long while, 2 years 5 months 2 days to be exact.  I was involved in an IED strike in Afghanistan while serving in the Marine Corps and things just hadn't been the same since then.  I didn't feel like I had that 'fire' in me that I once had.  I needed to change that as soon as possible.  I decided to give my everything in an attempt at SealFit 1 Week Academy and Kokoro, a grueling 50+ hour physical and mental breakdown where you finally get to meet yourself through physical exhaustion and deice to push past pre-determined barriers or let them encapsulate you.  Going into this I knew physical exertion would come quickly, with being an amputee it's said we burn almost double the calories compensating for injuries.  

On an average day we burned 7,000-10,000 calories through running, swimming, log PT, grinder PT, rucks, and sandbag drills.  That meant my output was potentially twice that and I needed quality foods that would fuel my performance.  That's when I contacted Pre-Made Paleo on a whim and inquired if they would like to assist me on this journey to re-discover who I was.  Surprisingly, the team gave me an absolute yes and decided to meet my needs.  Talking to Richard, he assessed my needs flawlessly and suggested I did the Warrior Size to help with protein and calories.  Two days before the Academy started I received my meals and prepared my body for combat through nutrition and stretching as it was too late to try and get any gains through exercise this late in the game.  As I reflect on the weekend, there's not a barrier I didn't break. I ran 6+ miles on the beach in soft sand at a time, I swam in the open water dragging a buddy along, I rucked 20 miles nonstop up extreme elevation without sleeping for almost 2 days, I ran faster than I ever have for longer, and I helped lead myself and my teammates to the goal of graduation.  

I ended up graduating with the "Fire in the Belly" award, meaning somebody that pushes on and has this inner fire to excel.  There's not a doubt in my mind that Pre-Made Paleo helped re-ignite that fire inside me and fueled me to success over that grueling week at SealFit.  Words cannot express how amazing the experience was and how grateful I am to have had such quality people and fuel on my side."



Faris Amra

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