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#HOWICOOK Recipe - Steamed Veggies Tips

September 13, 2016

#HOWICOOK Recipe - Steamed Veggies Tips



My two (actually 3) go-to methods for steaming vegetables are oven steaming and stovetop steaming. I do also have an electric steamer which I use for small batch steaming. If you find that you like steamed vegetables, you might consider the investment.



Here is my approach to oven steaming.
In a small pot boil 2 cups of water. While waiting for water, cut vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Arrange in casserole dish large enough not to crowd. If steaming a variety of vegetables, group together.

Vegetables have different density and thus steam at different rates. Your goal is fork tender when you check for doneness.
Add enough water to dish to just cover bottom of dish. Cover with aluminum foil and steam in over for 7-15 minutes. Check after 7 minutes with a fork to see if additional steaming is necessary.



Stove-top Steaming also produces a great product and depending on stove top space, is easier to check your progress!
Here’s what you need:

  • A deep pot with a lid
  • A colander that will fit into the pot without touching the bottom

Method: Boil about 2 cups of water put bite-size piece vegetables in colander. Basket and place basket into pot. Cover with Lid. Steam vegetables for 5-10 minutes. Check with a fork to test "doneness."

Note: in picture, I did a shortcut method to safe space and dishes. I put about a cup of water in a frying pan. ( basically enough to cover bottom ) After bringing water to a boil, I put cut broccoli florets in then covered. I cooked them for about 7 minutes. The water cooked out and the broccoli browned and became crispy! Perfection!

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