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Does eating organic really matter? Yes, here is why!

July 14, 2015

Does eating organic really matter? Yes, here is why!


At Pre-Made Paleo, we are propelled by the paleo, primal, and all natural lifestyle. The premise of this is that long ago our ancestors were foragers who relied on hunting and gathering to survive. This resulted in a diet with a wide variety of meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That was before the time of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, and other harsh chemicals that make their way into today's foods. The paleo diet and primal way of life results in much healthier and fit human beings, both physically and mentally. To live and feel one's best, it is essential to eat organic foods. Though there are TONS of reasons anyone would benefit from eating organic, here are a few highlights.


Organophosphate is a chemical that was designed during WWII as a nerve agent and is damaging to both brain and nerve cells. When the war was over, corporations found it to be an effective pesticide and traces of this chemical get absorbed into the plant. Today many pesticides are still considered neurotoxins. sdfs


Children are much more sensitive to toxins, GMOs, growth hormones and other harsh chemicals that are standard in non-organic agricultural practices. Ingesting all of these different chemicals can alter development at young ages. Eating organic keeps these chemicals (which we never intended for human consumption) out of our bodies and mitigates their impact on the development process.

Studies have shown that organic produce can contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro-nutrients due to well balances and self sustaining soil which is also eco-friendly.  

This one you just have to try out for yourself! Because of well balanced soil, organic foods have more nutrients and make stronger plants. This creates better tasting produce compared to a chemical pesticide alternative. 

Organically grown food is better for the environment. To be USDA Certified Organic, there are many hoops that farmers have to jump through. Many of these hoops have to do with how the land is maintained. Modern agricultural practices use harsh pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers which are devastating to the local environment. Organically grown produce does not use these harsh chemicals and is self-sustaining. 

Again, these are just a few key benefits of incorporating organic foods into your life. Don't just take our word for it, when going organic, we encourage each person to do their own research. Here are a few more articles on the benefits of eating organic food.

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